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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yanks Buy Damon

Johnny_damon_1 Speaking of contracts, the New York Yankees have landed leadoff hitter Johnny Damon (batting, at left) from their arch-rival Boston Red Sox, offering the 32-year-old center fielder a four-year deal at $13 million a year.  Damon had an on-base percentage of .366 and a slugging percentage of .439, along with 18 stolen bases.  Yankee fans are ecstatic and Bosox fans are in despair.  (Image: Wikipedia GNU License)

Interestingly, the Los Angeles Dodgers signed center fielder and leadoff hitter Kenny Lofton from Philadelphia to a one-year deal at about $4 million.  Lofton's on-base percentage last year was .392, with a slugging percentage of .420 and 20 stolen bases.  Dodger fans are yawning.  Go figure.

[Frank Snyder]

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