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Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekly Top Ten

Ssrn_logo_36 Just one new paper on the list this week, Robert Abdieh's take on boilerplate, which clocks in at number ten.  Following are the top ten most-downloaded papers from the SSRN Journal of Contract and Commercial Law for the sixty days ending December 11, 2005.

1 (4) Taking Information Seriously: Misrepresentation and Nondisclosure in Contract Law and Elsewhere, Richard Craswell (Stanford).

2 (5) Contracting in the Shadow of the Law, Nicola Gennaioli (IIES-Stockholm).

3 (3) Rethinking Spyware: Questioning the Propriety of Contractual Consent to Online Surveillance, Wayne Barnes (Texas Wesleyan).

4 (2) In Memoriam, John Cibinic, Jr.. Ralph C. Nash (Geo. Washington), et al.

5 (9) One-Sided Contracts in Competitive Consumer Markets, Lucian Arye Bebchuk (Harvard) & Richard A. Posner (7th Circuit).

6 (6) From St. Ives to Cyberspace: The Modern Distortion of the Medieval 'Law Merchant,' Stephen E. Sachs (Yale).

7 (7) Hurricane Katrina's Tangled Impact on U.S. Procurement, Christopher R. Yukins (Geo. Washington).

8 (8) An Embedded Options Theory of Indefinite Contracts, George S. Geis (Alabama).

9 (10) How Law Affects Lending, Rainer F.H. Haselmann (Leipzig-Business), Katharina Pistor (Columbia) & Vikrant Vig (Columbia-Business).

10 (-) The Strategy of Boilerplate, Robert B. Ahdieh (Emory).

[Frank Snyder]

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