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Friday, November 4, 2005

Today in History: November 4

1677: Princess Mary, daughter of the future James II of England, marries William, son of the Stadholder of the Netherlands.  As William & Mary, they will subsequently throw her father off the throne when he tries to give religious liberty to non-Anglicans.

1861: The Territorial University of Washington is founded at Seattle with 30 students.  It will fail three times over the next few years, but will ultimately become the largest university in the Northwest, dropping the "Territorial" when Washington becomes a state.

1899: Sigmund Freud's book, the Interpretation of Dreams, is published.   He considered it his greatest work, but it initially flops, taking several years to sell out the first 600 copies.

1916: Walter Cronkite is born at St. Joseph, Missouri.  After dropping out of college, he'll later become The Most Trusted Man in America.  Even today, polls show him as The Most Trusted Man in Television News, which says something either about him or about Television News.

1924: Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming becomes the first woman to be elected Governor of a U.S. State.

1928: Fabled crime boss Arnold "Mr. Big" Rothstein is shot dead at the Park Central Hotel in New York City, after he refuses to pay $380,000 he lost in what he claims was a rigged poker game.

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