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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

More Rankings

For those who can't get enough news about Who's Who (or Where) in the Legal Academic Hierarchy, our colleagues at the Law Professors Blog Network now have just the site for you:  Brian Leiter's Law School Rankings now have their own pages.  Leiter's rankings always have their own idiosyncrasies, but if you want to know officially who's hot (San Diego) and who's not (Michigan), and why UTexas really is, dang it, better than Northwestern, it's the place to go.

Incidentally, one of the more interesting rankings shows which law schools have the most graduates in major national firms.  Unlike most ranking factors (like faculty publications), this is exactly the sort of information that ought to be of real interest to law students, so it's good to see it.  (The downside of the study is that only 24 schools are included.)  There's also a helpful ranking of schools by the LSATs of its student body, which is a good proxy for which schools employers want to interview at.

Adjusted for the size of the schools, here are the schools where you have the greatest chance of landing a job at Major International Law Firm LLP.  (The number in parentheses is the school's rank on the LSAT list.)

1. Harvard (1)
2. Chicago (5)
3. Stanford (6)
4. Yale (2)
5. Virginia (7)
6. NYU (4)
7. Northwestern (10)
8. Georgetown (9)
9. Pennsylvania (8)
10. Columbia (3)
11. Michigan (11)
12. Duke (14)
13. Texas (18)
14. UC-Berkeley (19)
15. Cornell (12)
16. George Washington (23)
17. Boston University (26)
18. Vanderbilt (16)
19. Notre Dame (21)
20. UCLA (13)

Caveat:  Several well-regarded law schools (including Southern Cal, Iowa, Boston College, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Fordham) were not included in the survey, which means that they may or may not deserve a place in these rankings.

[Frank Snyder]

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