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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Today in History: October 19

1469: Prince Ferdinand of Aragon marries Princess Isabella of Castile.  Their union will ultimately result in the unification of Spain.

1873: The first uniform code of rules for American football is drafted by Columbia, Princeton, Rutgers, and Yale.  It provides for use of a round ball, 30 inches in circumference, and prohibits players from running with or throwing the ball.

1885: Charles Edward Merrill is born at Green Cove Springs, Florida.  After dropping out of law school at the University of Michigan, he'll start a brokerage with his friend Edmund C. Lynch.

1897: Railroad car entrepreneur George Pullman dies at age 66.  He'll be buried in Chicago's Graceland Cemetary, in Pullman sleeping car with crossed steel rails and several tons of concrete on top.

1985: The first Blockbuster Video outlet opens, at Dallas, Texas.  Nine years later Wayne Huizenga will sell the chain to Viacom for $8.4 billion.

1987: On what comes to be known as Black Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average drops 22 percent, the biggest one-day drop in history.

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