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Thursday, October 13, 2005

News in Brief

A European consortium has won the controversial $7.2 billion contract to build the world’s longest suspension bridge, which will link Sicily to the toe of Italy.  (International Herald Tribune)

Bridgestone Firestone has agreed to pay $240 million to Ford Motor Co. to settle claims arising out of Ford’s recall of Firestone tires because of safety problems.  (Associated Press)

Guitarist Eric Clapton has signed a book deal with Random House Group to write a tell-all memoir; terms were not disclosed but it’s likely a multi-million dollar deal.  (PR Newswire)

BT Group Plc is running nine months behind on a massive $1.74 billion phone contract with the U.K. health service, and may be hit with another “fine” under the contract.  (Bloomberg)

Greyhound owners in Connecticut are suing a local track for breach of contract after it announced it would end live racing.  (Norwich Bulletin)

The Philippine Justice department says it reviewed the loan documents for the controversial NorthRail project, but wasn’t informed that the loan was tied to a no-bid contract with a Chinese firm.  (Manila Times)

[Frank Snyder]

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