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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

News in Brief

An Indian drugmaker is suing America’s Barr Pharmaceuticals and Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals, claiming that joint venture between them to make generic allergy drug Allegra violates its contracts.  (Forbes)

Workers at Cereal giant Kellogg Co. have ratified a new four-year pact which includes no wage increases but does offer better pension coverage and bonuses, along with lower pay scales for new workers.  (Battle Creek Enquirer)

More than a half-million Chinese citizens are working overseas as “contract workers,” as part of the country’s “going global strategy.”  (People’s Daily)

Some fans of the New York Yankees, knocked out of baseball’s World Series chase for the fifth straight year, are actually asking that the organization give manager Joe Torre a contract extension.  (Poughkeepsie Journal)

General Motors is making plans to re-source parts made by its bankrupt supplier Delphi if UAW workers launch a threatened walkout.  (MarketWatch)

Capitol Records has signed an Australian “pub band”called “Airbourne” to a 5-record, $2 million contract, the biggest ever given to a previously unsigned Australian musical act. (The Age)

[Frank Snyder]

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