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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cubs Pitcher Faces Contract Suit

Chicago Cubs pitcher Mark Prior won’t be in the World Series this year, so he’ll have plenty of time to prepare for a breach of contract action brought against him by a Chicago-area gift store, Just Ducky Too.

Seems Prior had an $80,000 gig to spend three hours signing various items at the gift shop.  The claim is that he behaved rudely to the large crowd of customers and left after 45 minutes, having signed only two-thirds of the stuff he was supposed to.  The gift shop sued for breach of contract.  Defendants Prior and the company that set up the deal, Upper Class Collectibles, countersued, claiming that Just Ducky had breached the contract by charging higher prices than agreed upon and trying to stiff Upper Class on a share of the proceeds.

The case will go to trial in Naperville, Illinois, in January.

[Frank Snyder]

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