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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Today in History: September 28

1066: Duke William of Normandy lands at Pevensey in Sussex with 7,000 men and a prefab wooden castle, determined to assert his claim to the English throne.

1542: Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo lands at a fine natural harbor on the California coast, which he names San Miguel.  Missionaries will later call it San Diego.

1705: Henry Fox, first Baron Holland, is born.  As paymaster of the Army, he’ll make a tidy fortune by delaying payments to soldiers and skimming off the accumulated interest.

1820: Legend says that at Salem, New Jersey, Robert Johnson eats a bushel of tomatoes to prove to  skeptical residents that the fruit (vegetable?) isn’t poisonous.

1901: William Samuel Paley is born at Chicago, Illinois.  Taking over the little Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System in 1928, he’ll pioneer the system under which networks give free programming to affiliates in exchange for advertising space, and will drop the “Phonographic” from the company’s name.

2000: Pierre Elliot Trudeau (Montréal Law 1943), Canada’s fifteenth Prime Minister, dies of cancer Montréal.

2000: Danish voters, by 53-47% vote, reject membership in the European Monetary Union.

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