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Friday, September 23, 2005

Today in History: September 23

490 BC: A Greek soldier, Pheidippides, runs the first Marathon and dies.

1241: Poet-historian-politician Snorri Sturleson is killed at Reykholt in western Iceland after taking part in an unsuccessful revolt against King  Haakon IV of Norway.

1529: After massacring 4,000 the civilians who fled the city -- young women suitable for slavery excepted -- Suleiman the Magnificent begins the siege of Vienna with an army of 100,000 men and 300 cannons.

1728: Christian Thomasius, the first German law professor to lecture in the vernacular instead of German (at the University of Halle), dies at 73.

1806: Meriwether Lewis and William Clark return from their long trip.

1912: Mack Sennett’s new Keystone Film Co. releases its first “Keystone Kops” feature, Hoffmeyer’s Legacy.

1943: Elinor Glyn, sister of Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon, and inventor of the modern bodice-ripping novel, dies at age 78.

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