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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Today in History: September 22

1784:  Russians establish a new colony at Three Saints Bay on Kodiak Island, Alaska.  The settlement of Kodiak will become the central trading point for the Russian fur fleet.

1851: At Goshen, New York, the president of the Erie Railroad sends the first telegraphic train dispatch to let a train know it's supposed to wait for an oncoming train.  Within weeks, the system will be used all across the Erie system.

1893: Brothers Charles and Frank Duryea of Springfield, Massachusetts, exhibit the first American-built automobile.  Within three years their company will sell 16 of the things.

1902: Jacques Haussmann is born at Bucharest, Rumania.  After emigrating to the U.S. and taking the name “John Houseman,” he’ll reach fame as Contracts Professor Charles Kingsfield in The Paper Chase.

1955:  In Great Britain, the ITV television channel, a commercial rival to the BBC, goes live for the first time. Specifically set up to avoid “vulgar” U.S.-style programs, it will come eventually up with The Benny Hill Show.

1964: Zero Mostel sings "Tradition" to open the first of 3,242 performances of Fiddler on the Roof.

1989: Songwriter Irving Berlin dies at New York City at age 101.

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