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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Today in History: September 17

1630: Settlers found a new town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which they name Boston, after the place in Lincolnshire.  The city motto is Sicut patribus, sit Deus nobis (“God be with us, as he was with our fathers”).

1787: Drafters at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, finish work on the proposed new Constitution of the United States.

1859: Joshua Abraham Norton, who had gone bankrupt the year before trying to corner the rice market in San Francisco, declares himself Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.  Ghirardelli Chocolate subsequently introduces the “Emperor Norton” sundae, which includes two bananas and a handful of nuts.

1907: U.S. Chief Justice Warren Earl Burger (William Mitchell Law 1931) is born at St. Paul, Minnesota.

1908: Lt. Thomas Selfridge, USA,  becomes the first known airplane fatality when a Wright Bros. “Flyer” crashes at Fort Myer, Virginia.

1920: At Canton, Ohio, the American Professional Football Association is formed.  It will change its name to “National Football League” in 1922.

1939: Justice David Hackett Souter (Harvard Law 1966) is born at Melrose, Massachusetts.

1984: Businessman-lawyer Brian Mulroney (Laval Law 1965) is sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada.

1986: The U.S. Senate confirms William Hubbs Rehnquist as Chief Justice of the United States.

1996: Former U.S. Vice President Spiro Theodore Agnew (Baltimore Law 1947) dies at Berlin, Maryland.

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