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Friday, September 2, 2005

Spinal Tap on Record Labels, part II

From Spinal Tap: The Guitar World Interview (April 1992):

     GW:  How would you describe the relationship you had with your former label, Polymer?
     ST. HUBBINS:  We have not had good luck with labels. We were on Megaphone for years and years, but they've gone under.  What we're really trying to do now is get hold of our back catalog.  And Polymer's legal position is that not only can't we have our back catalog, no one should have it.
     SMALLS:  There's been a lot of publicity about MCA and Polygram [Polymer's parent label] having this lawsuit, and the story is that it's about the rights to Motown, but that's a front, a smokescreen.  The real story is all about our back catalog. They couldn't care less about Motown.

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