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Thursday, September 29, 2005

News in Brief

Lil Jon has sued Hustler magazine owner Larry Flynt for $30 million, after the porn king used footage from one of the rapper’s concerts in a sex video without permission.  (

Ford Motor Co. says it’s going to cut costs and improve supplier relations by slashing the number of its suppliers and giving them larger, long-term contracts which give them more input in the design process.  (Associated Press)

The British father who spent nearly £200,000 in legal fees to get his son -- “the most ill-disciplined pupil ever to have darkened Marlborough College's celebrated classrooms” -- saw his money go for naught after an English judge ruled for the college on his breach of contract claim.  (The Times)

Faculty at Florida Atlantic University are saying that a dispute over pay for summer teaching is delaying implementation of promised pay raises, which the administration wants to tie to a global contract settlement.  (Miami Herald)

A spinoff company is suing Sandia National Laboratories for breach of contract and fraud, claiming that Sandia didn’t deliver on contractual promises to deliver technology.  (SmallTimes)

The Czech Republic’s Supreme Administrative Court has ruled that customers cannot move their phone numbers to a new cellular phone provider until their previous cell phone contract ends.  (Prague Daily Monitor)

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra musicians have agreed to a new contract that cuts their minimum salaries from $56,000 to $53,000 a year.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Symphony, which pays its musicians a base of $101,000, is seeking to cut wages to a base of $93,000 (KDKA-TV)

Faculty from the University of the Philippines Law Center testified yesterday before a Philippine Senate Committee investigating a controversial $500 million rail contract with a Chinese company.  (ABS-CBN)

The Canadian Broadcasting Company, which has locked out its employees over a dispute about contract-worker hiring, says it’s willing to limit new contract hires to 90 a year, but the union says there are already far too many.  (Globe and Mail)

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