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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

News in Brief

A small satellite company that claims General Dynamics breached its agreement to help it develop a new project won a $130 judgment from a Maryland jury yesterday.  (Washington Post)

Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve says new team owner BMW is going to have to honor the 2006 contract signed with him by former owner Peter Sauber.  (F1 Central)

An F-16 pilot fired from his job for his voluntary participation in National Guard activities doesn’t have to reimburse his employer for the $13,000 in training costs he agreed to repay, says an Arkansas jury.  (Springfield-Rogers-Bentonville-Fayetteville Morning News)

New York City’s firefighters are seeking arbitration after bargaining with the city reached an impasse.  (Newsday)

Korea’s KTF has awarded a major contract to Canada’s Nortel for key equipment for a new ultra-high-speed broadband wireless service in the country’s 17 largest cities.  (Ottawa Sun)

Leaders of the Canadian Auto Workers are on Wall Street today to explain that they won’t be willing to give concessions to General Motors and Ford on a new three-year contract, pointing out that labor costs at Canadian auto plants are already $10 an hour less than those in the U.S.  (Globe and Mail)

Boeing has won another contract over its rival, Europe’s Airbus consortium, this one from Poland’s LOT national airline.  (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

The beleaguered coach of South Africa’s national soccer team apparently has no intention of resigning before his contract runs out in 2006, and the governing authority apparently has no good excuse to fire him because there's no performance clause in the agreement.  (South Africa Business Day)

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