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Friday, September 16, 2005

Mother Ship gets new logo

After years of laboring under a logo that some critics said looked like it was created by a high school graphic arts class in 1972, the Association of American Law Schools has unveiled its much anticipated new look.  The new logo design is designed to help catapult the Learned Society into the 20th century.  This is it:


The new logo changes the Mother Ship's image from that of a rather stodgy small-town non-profit, viz


to that of a bankrupt airline:


Spokespersons for the group say that the pyramid shape represents neither a Ponzi scheme nor the structure of a typical law firm, but "the strength, leadership, and commitment to improvement that the AALS embodies.  They don't explain the part of the logo that looks like an arrow pointing down, but presumably it serves to symbolize the group's intent to anchor legal education to real-world practice.  Or maybe not.

[Frank Snyder]

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