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Thursday, September 15, 2005

More Boilerplate, Please

Boilerplate_2 Contracts professors are one of the few groups who find boilerplate fascinating.  (Left, a classic boilerplate from the U.S.S. Mullenix.)  The Boilerplate: Foundations of Market Contracts conference next week in Ann Arbor (Mich.) will expore a number of fascinating aspects of the boilerplate problem.  The papers are now up and available online, for those who either want to read them in advance or can't make it.  Here they are:

Robert Ahdieh (Emory), The Strategy of Boilerplate.

Douglas Baird (Chicago), The Boilerplate Puzzle.

Lucian Bebchuk (Harvard) & Hon. Richard Posner (7th Circuit/Chicago), One-Sided Contracts in Competitive Consumer Markets.

Omri Ben-Shahar & James J. White (Michigan), Boilerplate and Economic Power in Auto Manufacturing Contracts.

Michelle Boardman (Geo. Mason), Contra Proferentem: The Allure of Ambiguous Boilerplate.

David Gilo & Ariel Porat (Tel Aviv), The Hidden Roles of Boilerplate in Standard Form Contracts.

Robert Hillman (Cornell), On-Line Boilerplate: Would Mandatory Website Disclosure of E-Standard Terms Backfire?

Jason Johnston (Penn), The Return of Bargain: An Economic Theory of Standard Form Contracts and the Negotiation of Business Relationships.

Ronald Mann (Texas), "Contracting" for Credit.

Henry Smith (Yale), Modularity in Contracts: Boilerplate and Information Flow.

[Frank Snyder]

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