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Friday, September 2, 2005

Law Schools Mobilize for Katrina

The chaos enveloping New Orleans as a result of Hurricane Katrina is staggering, but U.S. law schools are acting remarkably quickly to alleviate one small part of the problem.  Nearly all ABA-accredited schools have volunteered to allow students from hard-hit Tulane and Loyola-New Orleans law schools to transfer as visitors.  Most schools have agreed to waive tuition, and the major legal publishers are agreeing to provide books free to the students.

Our colleague Joe Hodnicki over at Law Librarian Blog has been collecting information here.  The AALS has established a web site providing information on schools willing to take New Orleans law students here.  Other useful sites::
Tulane Law School Official Site (temporary, hosted by Emory)
Information Blog for Tulane Law School
Loyola-New Orleans Emergency Site
Information Blog for Loyola-New Orleans Law School

[Frank Snyder]

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