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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bob & Doug on international franchising

From:   Bob & Doug McKenzie, The Hoser, Aug. 2005:

Bob:  So anyway, we got some burritos and tacos [at Taco Bell] but we didn't order any drinks. We got those at the Beer Store.
Doug:  As usual.
Bob:  So here's some Mexican beer.  [Looks at bottle, reading.] "Cerveza."
Doug:  Who's he?
Bob:  Huh?  He who?
Doug:  Sir Veza.
Bob:  What the?  -- No, look!  [Hands Doug the bottle and points.]  "Cerveza."
Doug:  Oh, what's that mean?
Bob:  Beer, I think.
Doug:  Ah, so when we're in Mexico we can order some.
Bob:  Do they have Beer Stores there?
Doug:  No, I think they sell it at Taco Bell.
Bob:  Taco Bell?!
Doug:  Yeah!
Bob:  In Mexico?
Doug:  Yeah!
Bob Why?
Doug:  Well there's Kentucky Fried Chicken places in Kentucky, I don't see why they can't have a Taco Bell in Mexico.
Bob:  Beauty.

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