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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

News in Brief: September 27, 2005

Amerada Hess is facing a consumer class action in Florida over its practice of putting a $75 hold on checking accounts for debit card payments, even when the sale amount is less.  (The [Lakeland]Ledger)

The African-American Word religious radio network is suing Sirius Satellite Radio for breach of contract and discrimination after Sirius cancelled its contract to carry the network..  (PR Newswire)

Analysts are saying that a new contract for Boeing’s striking machinists could be a win for both sides.  (Indianapolis Star)

The University of California’s contract to run the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has been extended two years, with a base fee of $2.8 million and incentives up to $4.3 million.  (Contra Costa Times)

The University of the Philippines Law Center has issued a paper declaring a railway contract between North Luzon Railways and a Chinese developer is unlawful.  (Manila Times)

The U.S.’s Motorola has won a contract from 17 developing countries to produce some 6 million low-cost mobile phones which will wholesale for less than $30 each.  (BBC News)

A Florida court has ruled that gun manufacturers’ insurance policies do not cover claims against them for violence-related costs, because the guns used in such violence are not defective. (Daily Business Review)

[Frank Snyder]

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