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Monday, August 1, 2005

Weekly Top 10

Ssrn_logo_17 Following are the top-ten most-downloaded papers from the SSRN Journal of Contract and Commercial Law, for the 60 days ending July 31, 2005.

1 (1) Understanding the Current Wave of Procurement Reform -- Devolution of the Contracting Function, Christopher R. Yukins (Geo. Washington).

2 (5) Juries, Judges, and Punitive Damages: Empirical Analyses using the Civil Justice Survey of State Courts 1992, 1996, and 2001 Data, Theodore Eisenberg (Cornell), Michael Heise (Cornell), Martin T. Wells (Cornell Stats), Paula Hannaford-Agor (National Center for State Courts), Neil LaFountain (NCSC), G. Thomas Munsterman (NCSC), & Brian Ostrom (NCSC).

•3 (10) Decisionmaking & the Limits of Disclosure: The Problem of Predatory Lending, Lauren E. Willis (Loyola-Los Angeles).

4 (6) The Comparative Law and Economics of Pure Economic Loss, Francesco Parisi (Geo. Mason), Vernon V. Palmer (Tulane) & Mauro Bussani (Trieste).

5 (8) Private Contractual Alternatives to Malpractice Liability, Jennifer Arlen (NYU).

•6 (-)  Freedom, Compulsion, Compliance and Mystery: Reflections on the Duty Not to Enforce a Promise, Jeffrey M. Lipshaw (Wake Forest).

•7 (-) Better than Cash? Consumer Protection and the Global Debit Card Deluge, Arnold S. Rosenberg (Thos. Jefferson).

8 (-) Private Dispute Resolution in the Card Context: Structure, Reputation, and Incentives, Andrew P. Morriss & Jason Korosec (Case Western).

9 (-) Evolving Business and Social Norms and Interpretation Rules: The Need for a Dynamic Approach to Contract Disputes, Nancy Kim (Cal Western).

10 (-) Contract-Centered Veil-Piercing, Nicholas L. Georgakopoulos (Indiana-Indianapolis).

Last week's position in parentheses; • indicates fastest-rising paper.

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