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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sister Antillico Redux?

More family trouble for the rapper Eminem (born as Marshall Mathers).  Mathers’ Aunt Betti and Uncle Jack have sued him claiming that, at his insistence, they left their happy and modest lifestyle in Missouri to move to Macomb, Michigan and be closer to the entertainer.  According to the complaint, Mathers made a "clear, definite and unequivocal" promise to, among other things, buy and furnish a home for them if they made the move.  Paragraph 14 of the complaint alleges:

In complete reliance of Defendant Mathers [sic] promises, Betti removed her children from school in Missouri, Jack quit his job, Jack and Betti placed their Missouri home up for sale and later sold it in August 2002, said goodbye to their friends and family, and most importantly, Betti, Jack and their children moved to Michigan.

The complaint alleges that Mathers put up Betti and Jack in a house, but refused to transfer title of the house to them.  Further, Mathers apparently sent his aunt and uncle an eviction notice.  Aunt Betti and Uncle Jack seek title to the house based upon promissory estoppel and also allege unjust enrichment (for improvements they made to the house).

Betti and Jack’s story sounds a lot like that of poor Sister Antillico; though, back in the 1840’s, her 60-mile trek from Talladega County was probably more grueling.  See Kirksey v. Kirksey, 8 Ala. 131 (1845).

[Meredith R. Miller]

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