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Thursday, August 25, 2005

News in Brief

A California appellate court has reinstated the $500 million breach of contract case brought by an oil driller against the city of Hermosa Beach, California, after the city’s voters banned oil exploration in the city and forced termination of its contract.

Anheuser Busch, which previously announced a settlement of contract and defamation claims brought by the family of former baseball star Roger Maris, says it will pay $120 million in cash.

A Manhattan judge has ruled that a $53,000 ring given to a girlfriend is a “gift in contemplation of marriage,” even if the giver never actually said, “Marry me.”

Potato farmers in southeast South Australia have rejected a request by giant french fry (“chip”) maker McCain, to lower contract prices for this season.

Boeing’s machinists say the company’s opening offer to them is “an insult.”

A British retailer whose web site that erroneously took orders for heavily discounted goods that weren’t actually available says it will give customers their money back, but some are threatening breach of contract actions for the benefit of their lost bargains.

A businessman learned that e-mails are dangerous, after his breach of contract defense was blown out of the water in a case involving  a “no shop” agreement in a business sale.

America’s EDS has restructured its troubled outsourcing contract with Britain’s Department of Work and Pensions, avoid the fate of its canceled deals with the country’s Inland Revenue and National Health Service.

Hewlett Packard has won a big symbolic contract, getting the deal to provide 1,000 work stations for George (Star Wars) Lucas’s cutting-edge Industrial Light & Magic.

The contractor that runs speed cameras for police in Victoria, Australia, will likely face contractual liability after one of its employees set them up with the wrong speed limits.

[Frank Snyder]

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