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Thursday, August 18, 2005

News in brief

State Farm Insurance won a big one today, as the Illinois Supreme Court overturned a $1.06 billion class-action breach of contract claim, ruling 6-0 that class action certification was improper.

Basketball star LeBron James, testifying at his breach of contract trial at Akron, Ohio, says he never agreed to any deal to made a documentary about him; "I never told him no," he said, "I never told him yes, either."

Canadian and Kuwaiti firms have signed a deal with Syria for oil exploration in the Palmyra region.

SBC Communications has awarded manufacturing contracts to Motorola and Scientific-Atlanta for the TV-top boxes it will use for its new video service.

The National Hockey League has inked a new two-year, $135 million contract with Comcast's OLN (formerly the Outdoor Life Network) to televise games, after ESPN dropped out of the bidding.

Qwest has reached agreement with 25,000 employees in 13 states, who will get their first raises (2.5 percent a year) in two years.

[Frank Snyder]


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