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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

News in brief

A California court has ruled that a dissident Anglican congregation that split from the church over gay ordination owns its buildings and can keep them, rejecting a claim by church leaders that they were actually held in trust for the diocese.

A man who sold his company to Britain’s Rok Property Solutions is suing for breach, claiming that he’s entitled to more compensation because the unit reached certain performance measures.

An $8 million airport contract in Broward County, Florida, will probably be canceled, after reports surfaced of a $20,000 bribe to a Miami official.

In South Africa, meanwhile, a probe has turned up the fact that public officials are frequently using firms fronted by their spouses to get public contracts.

Trial is under way in New Zealand in the contract dispute between RPNZ and the Real Estate Institute, over a busted project to create a database.

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