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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

News in brief

Nine months into the National Hockey League lockout, negotiators are apparently making progress, and rumors are that a deal may be in the offing.

An Internet advertiser has sued Google on various grounds, including breach of contract, claiming that the World's Largest Media Company's pay-per-click advertising program is rife with fraud.

Britain's billionaire Reubens brothers have settled their $300 million contract claim against Russian Oleg Deripaska, clearing the way for Deripaska to float his giant Rusal aluminum firm on the London Stock Exchange.

Germany's Allianz AG has walked away from a major insurance contract with DaimlerChrysler AG, citing problems with the rates for insuring Chrysler.

India's Cricket Board is planning to institute a new system of standardized contracts for the nation's coaches, who are currently hired on wildly disparate and individually negotiated agreements.

With world copper prices near record highs, miners in Chile, the world's largest exporter, are striking for higher wages.

Brazilian soccer star Robinho is threatening legal action with FIFA if his Santos club insists on holding him to his contract, which runs through 2008, instead of selling him to Real Madrid.

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