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Friday, July 15, 2005

Deadline for ABA is today

Today (Friday) is the deadline for advance registration for the American Bar Association Annual Meeting in Chicago, August 4-9. The lead speakers (Justice Stevens, Justice Ginsburg, Attorney General Gonzalez, and Senator Clinton) aren’t likely to talk much about contracts issues, but the Business Law Section has lots of good program. Registration is here.

If you're going to be in the Windy City, remember that Thursday night, Aug. 4, is the Birthday Bash at Buddy Guy’s Legends, one of the world’s great blues clubs.  In celebration, from Lonnie Johnson's Chicago Blues:

Chicago's all right to visit,
But please don't hang around.
You'll find the cool chicks and high slicks
And, boy, all those mellow fellows.
But when your bankroll is gone,
You're just another chump
That's dropped into town.

My first night in Chicago,
My friends really treated me fine.
Then overnight they all changed,
Like Daylight Savings Time.
And everything I wanted
I had to lay my money down on the line.

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