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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Charlton Heston on employment contracts

     [Maj. Amos Dundee, assisted by Sgt. Gomez, is looking for men for a hazardous mission.]
     Wiley:  If you're lookin' for hard-ridin', Injun-fightin' whiskey drinkers, then by God you've got one!
     Sgt. Gomez:  He's the biggest drunk we could find, but a damn good mule packer.
     Dundee: What's your name?
     Wiley:  Wiley.
     Dundee:  Wiley. All right, make your mark.
     Wiley [pausing]:  Whiskey?
     Dundee:  All you can drink --
     [Wiley quickly signs the contract]
     Dundee:  -- when appropriate.
     [Sgt. Gomez escorts Wiley out of the room.]

          From: Major Dundee (1965)

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