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Monday, June 27, 2005

Weekly Top 10

Ssrn_logo_14 Following are the top ten most-downloaded papers from the SSRN Journal of Contract and Commercial Law for the 60 days ending June 26, 2005.

1 (1) Commentary on the Acquisition Workforce, Steven L. Schooner & Christopher R. Yukins (Geo. Washington)

2 (2) Toward a Better Understanding of Anti-dilution Provisions in Convertible Securities, Michael (Proskauer Rose LLP) & Jonathan Rosen (Shelter Capital Partners)

• 3 (-) A Transactional View of Property Right, Robert P. Merges (UC-Berkeley)

4 (5) Contracts, Holdup, and Legal Intervention, Steven Shavell (Harvard)

5 (4) Free Markets Under Siege, Richard A. Epstein (Chicago)

6 (6) The Role of Groups in Norm Transformation: A Dramatic Sketch, in Three Parts, Robert B. Ahdieh (Emory)

7 (3) The Political Economy of International Sales Law, Clayton P. Gillette (NYU) & Robert E. Scott (Virginia)

8 (9) Whither Commodification?, Carol M. Rose (Yale Law School)

9 (7) Contracts and the Division of Labor, Daron Acemoglu (MIT, Econ), Pol Antras (Harvard, Econ) & Elhanan Helpman (Tel Aviv, Econ)

10 (8)  The Societas Europaea - A Step Towards Convergence of Corporate Governance Systems?, Udo C. Braendle & Juergen Noll (Vienna, Business Studies)

Last week's position in parentheses; • indicates fast-rising paper

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