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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Today in history -- Junw 16

1750 B.C.: King Hammurabi, creator of the famous Code, dies after 42 years of rule.

1836: The Chartist Movement begins with formation of the London Working Men's Association.

1858: At a speech in Springfield, Illinois, Senate candidate Abraham Lincoln says that a house divided against itself cannot stand -- that the country must one day become all slave or all free.

1871: Religious tests are abolished at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Durham, except for theology.

1884: The first roller coaster in the U.S. opens at Coney Island, New York.

1891: Lawyer John Joseph Caldwell Abbott becomes the third prime minister of Canada.  He’s also the first to be born there.

1903: With $28,000 raised from investors, Henry Ford incorporates his new Ford Motor Co., setting up shop in a former wagon factory at Dearborn, Michigan.

1917: Katherine Graham, whose career will prove that the best way to get to the top of the journalistic heap is to inherit a newspaper, is born at New York City.

1960: One of the most successful thrillers of all time, Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, opens in New York City.

2002: The TV program Politically Incorrect is canceled by ABC for not being politically correct.

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