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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Today in history -- June 11

1184 B.C.:  After a ten-year siege, Greek forces sack and burn the city of Troy.

1509: King Henry VIII marries Catherine of Aragon, the widow of his older brother, Prince Arthur.  The marriage will be annulled 24 years later, leading to the English Reformation.

1742: Benjamin Franklin invents the Franklin stove, a major improvement in heating.  Rather than seek a patent, he writes an instruction book on how to make them so that everyone can have one.

1842: Carl Paul Gottfried von Linde, the German engineer and refrigeration pioneer who will go on to found Linde AG, is born at Berndorf in Bavaria.

1892: The first film studio in Australia, and one of the first in the world, the Limelight Department, is founded by the Salvation Army at Melbourne.  Its Soldiers of the Cross (1901) is regarded by some as the first feature film ever produced.

1895: Charles E. Duryea of the Duryea Motor Wagon Co. of Springfield, Massachusetts, receives the first American patent ever issued for an automobile.

1936: Robert Erwin Howard, the writer most famous for creating the charater of Conan the Barbarian, blows his brains out with a .38 Colt revolver in the front seat of his car.

1981: Major League Baseball players go on strike, leading to a two-month work stoppage.

1982: Stephen Speilberg's ET: The Extra-Terrestrial opens at theaters; it will earn $100 million in its first month -- a huge amount for the day -- and will eventually become the fourth highest-grossing film of all time, adjusted for inflation.

1985: A Fabergé Egg sells for a record £1,375,00 in New York City.

1998: Compaq Computer buys Digital Equipment Co. for $9 billion, in one of the largest technology deals to date.

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