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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

News in brief

Californians who have false advertising and deceptive business practices against Nevada casinos can sue in the friendlier clime of the Golden State, says the California Supreme Court.

Maritech Leasing and the Teamsters Union have signed a new contract, the first between a port trucking company and the union in more than 20 years.

Dallas car dealer David McDavid has sued Time Warner, Inc. for breach of contract over his failed purchases of the NBA Atlanta Hawks and NHL Atlanta Thrashers.

Korea’s L.G. Philips LCD has landed a contract worth as much as $5 billion to supply liquid crystal displays to America’s Hewlett Packard.

General Motors, losing money even faster than it’s losing customers, has announced that it will cut 25,000 manufacturing jobs by 2008.

Northwest Airlines, fearing a strike by flight attendants, is already taking applications for replacement workers.

Officials in Keyport, New Jersey, are going to learn whether a standard "no liability" clause in a memorandum of understanding provides a bulletproof defense against the claims of a frustrated real estate developer.

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