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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

News in brief

A price war for Internet service may be in the offing, as SBC has slashed fees for its high-speed internet service to $15 a month—$9 a month less than AOL's slower dial-up service.

England's Chelsea soccer club has been hit with a £300,000 penalty for making contract overtures to Arsenal's Ashley Cole, was was personally hit with a £100,000 fine.

Recriminations are already under way in Australia, where the federal government decided to award a $6 billion ship contract to a South Australia firm instead of one in Victoria.

United Airlines mechanics have ratified a new contract, and machinists have reached an "agreement in principle" with the bankrupt carrier.

A North Carolina judge says late auto racing star Dale Earnhardt's employment contract, an exhibit in an upcoming trial involving denial his wife's life insurance claim, will be made public.

America's Fluor Corp. has won the contract to engineer, design, and manage construction of a new $3.5 billion petrochemical complex in Saudi Arabia.

Tasmanian potato farmers, who are losing half their big french-fry contract with Australian McDonald's, are pushing for retaliation against New Zealand, which has undercut them.  New Zealand, meanwhile, will probably bring at WTO action against Australia over restrictions on apples.

The little statehouse replicas sold in the Wisconsin State Capitol will no longer be made in China; the state has decided to turn production of over to a local "rehabilitative work" center.

The United Nations has finally found someone to fire for the oil-for-food scandal: Joseph Stephanides, who was planning on retiring in September anyway.

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