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Monday, May 9, 2005

Weekly Top 10

Ssrn_logo_9 This week’s top 10 has an odd wrinkle—the same paper, posted twice, holds two of the top ten positions.  Peter Oh’s piece Tracing manages to come in at both No. 7 and No. 8, apparently because it was re-posted after being accepted for publication by the Tulane Law Review and the older version was not removed.  Had all the downloads for both versions of the paper been combined, Oh’s paper would have been in the number 4 slot.

Following are the top 10 downloads from the SSRN’s Journal of Contracts and Commercial Law, for the 60 days ending May 8, 2005.

1 (1) Risky Business: Managing Interagency Acquisition, Steven L. Schooner (George Washington)

2 (3) Putting Identity Theft on Ice: Freezing Credit Reports to Prevent Lending to Impostors, Chris Jay Hoofnagle (EPIC)

3 (2) There Are No Penalty Default Rules in Contract Law, Eric A. Posner (Chicago)

4 (6) Duty and Consequence: A Non-Conflating Theory of Promise and Contract, Jeffrey M. Lipshaw (Indiana-Indianapolis)

Alan_schwartz • 5 (–) A Normative Theory of Business Bankruptcy, Alan Schwartz (Yale) (left)

6 (7) Institutions, Incentives, and Consumer Bankruptcy Reform, Todd J. Zywicki (George Mason)

7 (8) Tracing, Peter B. Oh (William Mitchell)

8 (8) Tracing, Peter B. Oh (William Mitchell)

9 (–) The New Old Law of Electronic Money, James Steven Rogers (Boston College)

10 (9) On-line Consumer Standard-Form Contracting Practices: A Survey and Discussion of Legal Implications, Robert A. Hillman (Cornell)

Previous week's position in parentheses; • indicates fast-rising paper

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