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Thursday, May 26, 2005

News in brief

Despite student protests, key committees at the University of California have approved plans to bid for the management contract for the Los Alamos nuclear weapons lab.

Australia is getting new regulations to liberalize the grounds on which employers can terminate employees and cut back on the right of appeal.

A contractor who says it was driven out of business by the University of North Carolina is seeking more than $2 million for breach of contract and deceptive trade practices.

A French coach has been hit with a $1.13 million breach of contract penalty by FIFA for leaving a soccer team in the United Arab Emirates for one in Qatar.

The U.S. government awarded $11 billion in prime IT-related contracts in the second quarter of fiscal 2005; that's actually down 40 percent from the preceding quarter.

Three British teenagers who have "wreaked havoc" in the town of Caversham by intimidating people, stealing cars, and wrecking property, have signed "Anti-Social Behaviour Contracts" promising to stop.

The investment firm that has a $1.2 billion deal to buy Boeing's commercial aircraft division says it won't exercise its option to walk away after workers rejected a new contract.

Potato farmers in Tasmania will be hit by McDonald's decision to split its Australian french-fry contract between two suppliers, one of which will be in New Zealand.

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