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Thursday, May 12, 2005

News in brief

Pro golfer David Toms has sued the company that represents him, seeking to terminate a deal that runs through 2006 on grounds of breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.

After losing money for 19 consecutive quarters, United Airlines will head to trial in bankruptcy court to try to impose lower wages on two of its unions.

Honda has terminated an auto-parts supply contract with the Alabama unit of Hunjan International.

The government employees' union in Ontario is making strike noises in the face of a "final offer" from the government.

The cash-strapped British Broadcasting Co. has terminated the contract of the special effects "guru" on the new Dr. Who television series, saying he'll have to work freelance.

The Thai Agriculture Department says it won't revoke the contract of a company that's supposed to deliver 90 million rubber saplings, even though it delivered only 80 percent and a quarter of those delivered died.

Faced with $1.6 billion in potential termination costs, the Defense Department reverses course and says it will go through with a major Lockheed contract for transport planes.

Vertrue, Inc., says it will appeal yesterday's Connecticut Supreme Court decision approving an arbitrator's award of $5.5 million in punitives in a contract dispute that involved no compensatory damages.

In the face of slumping sales, General Motors has fired its current advertising buyer and awarded the $3.5 billion contract to a unit of France's Publicis Group.

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