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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

News in brief

The new head football coach at the University of Florida has signed a complex and incentive-laden deal worth about $14.2 million over seven years.

Bulgaria’s National Electricity Co. is seeking bids for development of a new nuclear power station in the north part of the country.

East Carolina University, defending a breach of contract suit by its former provost, says its Chancellor had no authority to make the employment promises on which the provost relied.

A lawsuit based on the alleged oral contract that led to the firing of Ohio State basketball coach Jim O’Brien has been dismissed, apparently on statute of frauds grounds.

Germany’s Siemans has won a big contract to modernize commuter train service in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), where hundreds of people are killed each year when they fall from or are hit by trains.

Janitors, cooks, and service workers at the University of California have ratified a new contract that creates a minimum wage of $9 an hour.

A nasty contract battle seems to have scuttled plans for a residential artists colony in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Swansea, England, is looking at an IT outsourcing deal that it says could save taxpayers £72 million.

A joint Vietnamese-Japanese oil development project  says it will use technology supplied by the U.S.’s Halliburton Energy Services Group.

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