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Monday, May 9, 2005

News in brief

A joint venture by America’s Boeing and Lockheed apparently will not interrupt a billion-dollar contract with the Russian space agency to supply 101 rocket engines to the U.S.

The fired basketball coach at Southern University is suing, claiming breach of contract and asking that University proceeding against him be restrained.

Following a rash of bankruptcies among auto-parts suppliers, execs of the survivors are telling the UAW that it needs to give some labor cost relief to battered General Motors and Ford, whose bond ratings have just been slashed to junk status.

A troubled U.S. company whose hope for salvation was an acquisition by a Canadian company, has sued the Canadians for backing out of the detail, saying unresolved issues were "solvable."

The Virginia Department of Transportation has agreed to allow two contractors more money on their fixed-price contracts based on "the large, unforeseen increases in steel prices."

A 41-year-old California businessman has paid something over $9,000 at a charity auction for a one-day minor-league baseball contract that guarantees him a uniform, an inning in the outfield, and an at-bat.

Myanmar's state-run oil firm has awarded a major exploration contract to India’s Essar Oil.

An Arizona animal-rescue group has lost its county animal control contract because it allowed some of the animals to be used for training veterinary students.

Washington Technology magazine has its regular round-up of major government contract awards for the previous week.

Saying that being the highest-paid player at his position isn’t important to him, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady signs a new contract at $10 million a year—about $5 million a year less than he probably could have got elsewhere.

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