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Saturday, April 9, 2005

News in brief

Here's a stunner: A Chicago airport contract is going to a long-time friend of the mayor's.
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The Bank of Montreal says it will let its affinity credit card contract with am anti-abortion group lapse, after getting complaints by pro-abortion customers.
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The Boston Herald says it will terminate the freelance contract of a once-a-week op-ed columnist because he also got a freelance $10,000 contract with the Republican governor's office.
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Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn) says that his attempts to thwart award of a major helicopter contract to Lockheed Martin is "on the merits" and entirely unrelated to the fact that Lockheed's chief competitor, Sikorsky, is in his home state and was a campaign contributor.
                                     *    *    *
A prominent British soccer referee has been suspended for breach of contract, as a result of his involvement in an online racehorse syndicate.
                                     *    *    *
ChevronTexaco has awarded a $1.7 billion contract to build a new natural-gas-to-liquids plant in Nigeria, which will be one-fourth owned by the Nigerian government.

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