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Thursday, April 7, 2005

News in brief

Eleven eBay customers are bringing a class action against the online auction house for failing to make good on promises it would refund money if products were not delivered or were defective.
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A radio network is reporting that rocker Ted Nugent will appeal a $100,000 state court verdict he won, claiming he should also have been able to claim consequential damages.
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In a sign that the end of the Cold War means that arms dealing is getting even more international, India appears ready to buy a fleet of Russian T-80 battle tanks with custom French equipment on board.
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Running back Terrell Owens, who just last year signed a seven-year contract $46 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, is already saying the deal should be renegotiated.
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The Long Beach (N.J.) City Council has approved plans for a big new $150 million development of a six-acre parcel of ocean front land known as the the Superblock.

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