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Saturday, April 16, 2005

News in brief

Parents of a bride whose posh wedding was "ruined" by the sale of the hotel after the contract was signed, are suing for the extra $90,000 it cost them to move the thing, plus damages for their extreme emotional distress.

General Motors bonds hit a record low and may be headed to junk status, after the carmaker failed to get concessions from its labor unions.

A Kentucky industrial development agency and the insurance company that wrote a contractor's performace bond are locked in a dispute over who breached what.

Iraq may back out of a $500 million grain deal with Australia, citing contaminated wheat as the problem; the Aussies are hotly denying the charge.

Speculation in housing in Sarasota, Florida, is so hot that people are quitting their jobs to buy and "flip" houses and condos.

More than a hundred buyers of units at a Malaysian hostel development are suiing the developer which has failed to make promised payments.

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