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Saturday, April 9, 2005

Happy 87th

Today is the birthday of math teacher and Sixties satirist Tom Lehrer, born this day in 1928 in New York City.  Here's one of his lesser-known efforts.

Selling Out

Selling out
is easy to do.
It's not so hard
To find a buyer for you.
When money talks,
you're under its spell.
Ah, but whaddya have when there's nothing left to sell?

     *    *    *

You can't always break the rules.
People who try are fools.
When you get older, maybe then you will see.
I've always found ideals
Don't take the place of meals.
And that's how it is and how it will always be.

It's so nice to have integrity,
I'll tell you why.
If you really have integrity,
It means your price is very high.
So remember when you start to preach and moralize,
That we all are in the game, and, brother, its name is compromise.

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