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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Film clips: Paint Your Wagon

     Haywood Holbrook:  Dearly beloved. We have gathered together to grant this man, Ben Rumson, exclusive title to this woman, Mrs. Elizabeth Woodling, and to all her mineral resources.  I have drawn up this Record of Claim which here and henceforth will be recognized as a certificate of marriage.  So I ask you Ben, do you recognize this claim as a contract of marriage and do you take this woman to love honor and cherish?
     Pardner: [after long silence] Oh, he does.
     Haywood Holbrook:  Elizabeth Woodling, do you take this man, Ben Rumson, to love, honor and obey him until death do you part?
     Pardner: She does.
    Haywood Holbrook: I now pronounce you claimed and filed as Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rumson.

From: Paint Your Wagon (Paramount 1969)

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