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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Boilerplate conference slated

Boilerplate is ubiquitous in the modern world of contracts, if "ubiquitous" is the word we're looking for.  You'd think that after a hundred years of legal analysis, most of the issues around boilerplate (the pejorative term for "standard form") would be pretty much settled.  But you'd only think that if you weren't a contracts lawyer.

The issues surrounding standard forms will be the topic of a new conference, Boilerplate: Foundations of Market Contracts, to be held at Michigan on September 23-24.  Omri Ben-Shahar as put together an A-list of panelists.  Should be an interesting and thought-provoking couple of days.  Click on the "Continue Reading" for the full announcement.

The University of Michigan Law School, with the Michigan Law Review, will hold a conference on

"Boilerplate: Foundations of Market Contracts." 

The conference will be held in Ann Arbor, at the Law School Campus, on Friday-Saturday, September 23-24, 2005.

The scheduled presenters include:

Douglas Baird (Chicago)
Lucian Bebchuk (Harvard)
Omri Ben-Shahar (Michigan)
Lisa Bernstein (Chicago)
Stephen Choi (NYU)
Kevin Davis (NYU)
Mitu Gulati (Georgetown)
Robert Hillman (Cornell)
Jason Johnston (Penn)
Ariel Porat (Tel Aviv University)
Judge Richard Posner (U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit)
Todd Rakoff (Harvard)
Margaret Jane Radin (Stanford)
Henry Smith (Yale)
James J. White (Michigan)

The conference is sponsored by the Olin Center for Law and Economics at Michigan. Please visit the Center's website for more information.  Registration information will be posted soon; there is no fee for the sessions.

The proceedings of the symposium will be published in early 2006 in the Michigan Law Review, and later, in an abridged version, in a volume titled Boilerplate: Foundations of Market Contracts (Omri Ben-Shahar, Ed., Cambridge Univ. Press).

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