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Monday, March 28, 2005

Weekly Top 10 Downloads

The top three slots remain the same, but there are two new entries in the Weekly Top Ten.  Following are the Top Ten Contracts-Related Downloads from the Social Science Research Network, for the 60 days ending March 27, 2005.  Rank last week in parentheses.

1 (1) Emerging Policy and Practice Issues, Steven L. Schooner & Christopher R. Yukins

2 (2) Rawls and Contract Law, Kevin A. Kordana, David H. Tabachnick

3 (3)  Unity and Pluralism in Contract Law, Nathan Oman

Emily_houh 4 (5) The Doctrine of Good Faith in Contract Law: A (Nearly) Empty Vessell? , Emily Houh (lleft)

5  (4)  Allegheny College Revisited: Cardozo, Consideration, and Formalism in Context, Curtis Bridgeman

6 (6)  Private Motive and Perpetual Conditions in Charitable Naming Gifts: When Good Names Go Bad, John K. Eason

7 (8)  The Limits of Lawyering: Legal Opinions in Structured Finance, Steven L. Schwarcz

8  (—)  On the Efficiency of Standard Form Contracts: The Case of Construction, Surajeet Chakravarty & W. Bentley MacLeod

9 (9)  Strict Liability and the Fault Standard in Corrective Justice Accounts of Contract, Curtis Bridgeman

10 (—)  Fairness and the Optimal Allocation of Ownership Rights, Ernst Fehr, Susanne Kremhelmer & Klaus M. Schmidt

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