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Saturday, March 5, 2005

Today in history--March 5

1558: Spaniard Francisco Fernandez lays the foundation for one of the New World's biggest industries by introducing tobacco to Europe.

1836: Using his new interchangeable-parts process, Samuel Colt makes the first production revolver.

1868: Englishman C.H. Gould patents a new device for fastening sheets of paper together, the stapler.

1872: George Westinghouse patents the first railroad air brake, drastically improving safety and allowing for faster trains.

1893: Water entrepreneur Emmett J. Culligan ("Hey, Culligan man!") is born in Yankton, South Dakota.

1933: President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders all U.S. banks closed and freezing all commercial transactions.

1944: Louis Jordan is on the music charts with Pete Clark's Ration Blues:

I like to wake up in the morning with my jelly by my side
Since rationing started baby, you just take your stuff and hide
They reduced my meat and sugar and rubber's disappearing fast
You can't ride no more with poppa, 'cause Uncle Sam wants my gas
I got the ration blues, blue as I can be
Oh me, I've got those ration blues

1984: Quarterback Steve Young and the Los Angeles Express of the United States Football League sign one of the most lucrative sports deals to date.  It's also one of the most complicated, paying out $40 million over 43 years--or about 42 years longer than the team and the league will last.

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