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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Kansas Stands Alone (Again) - Corrected

Having observed the webcast of today's very congenial hearing before the Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee, in which everyone who appeared or submitted written comments on the 2003 amendments to Articles 2 and 2A resoundingly opposed it, and having had a follow-up conversation with the senator with whom I have been communicating about the various UCC issues on the Nevada Legislature's plate this session, I think it is safe to say that Nevada SB 200 (i.e., the 2003 amendments to Articles 2 and 2A) is now dead.

This leaves Kansas where it was before Nevada SB 200 surfaced a couple of weeks ago, as the only state to be considering adopting the 2003 amendments to Articles 2 and 2A this session.  And, having scoured the Kansas Legislature's web site, I see no evidence that the Kansas House has made any progress on either HB 2454 (Article 2) or HB 2455 (Article 2A) since they were referred to the Judiciary Committee in mid-February.

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