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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Foreseeable damage?

Four male models who were hired to pose as "abusive husbands" in a series of New York ads are suing, claiming that the city breached its contracts with them by leaving the posters up past the original five-week period promised.

It's an interesting damages question, because the models' claim is that the posters have been up so long that people have started to believe they're actually abusive husbands.  The four were paid between $1,500 and $2,000 to appear in ads that picture them behind bars with legends like "Successful executive. Devoted churchgoer. Abusive husband."

The ads were originally done in 2002, and were supposed to be up only five weeks.  But though the men have been trying to get them taken down for more than two years, some are still on display.  Even acquaintances are now starting to think that the men really are wife-beaters.  One model lost his contract, and the others say they can't get work.

The four are claiming $1 million each in damages as a result of the city's breach.  (Thanks to How Appealing for the link.)

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