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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Film clips

From: NewsRadio ("Presence," April 4, 1996)

[Mr. James has been playing poker and mentions that he lost.]
Dave:  What did you lose?
Mr. James:  Bill.
Bill:  Yes, chief?
Mr. James:  Bill.
Bill:  Heard you the first time chief.
Mr. James:  I don’t think you understand, I LOST BILL.
Bill:  You can’t bet me in a poker game.
Mr. James:  I’m afraid I can, check your contract.
     [Bill pulls out his contract]
Dave: You carry around your contract?
Bill: At times like these, it doesn’t sound so ridiculous, now does it?  [Reading]  "Loss of job can be a result of termination, merger, or act of God."  It doesn’t say anything about poker.
Mr. James:  Read your "Act of God" clause.
Bill:  [Reading]  "Mr. James should, and for the sole purpose of this contract only, be referred to as 'God.'"

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