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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Don't say we didn't tell you

A private vocational school with campuses in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, and Texas is being sued by students who claim that their degrees, which cost them as much as $30,000 in tuition, are worthless.  Students who earned credits have found that they are not transferable to most other academic institutions.  A group of 67 former students is claiming deceptive trade practices and breach of contract.

The college, however, says it never promised them that the credits would be transferable. Its web site mentions three community colleges with which it has "articulation agreements" that will take its credits, but then says:

Westwood College does not guarantee the transferability of its credits to any other other institution unless there is a written Articulation Agreement with that institution. Contact the Director of Education for information on Articulation Agreements.

Transferability of credits is always determined by the receiving institution. It is your responsibility to confirm whether an institution will accept credits from Westwood. It is unlikely that the academic credits you earn at Westwood College will transfer to another school.

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